Evolution's AArc


The story of creators


You exist as a creative being in a creative universe.
~ Rick Rubin, in The Creative Act

Your stories of the past inform what is possible for the future. Your biggest story is the grand narrative that explains the origin and development of the universe, life, consciousness, culture, and your place in it.  Today’s grand narratives go by many names, such as Big History; The Story of the Universe; and the Epic of Evolution.  Just as a useful map helps you navigate through space, a useful cosmic narrative helps you navigate through time as well as cause and effect.

The question is, how useful is your cosmic narrative? Does your grand narrative inspire you with gratitude for the awesome journey you have been on? Does it guide and inspire you? Or does your grand narrative shackle you in nightmares?

Cosmological Revolution

We are living in the turbulent wake of a cosmological revolution.  Within a few generations, the majority of people have replaced a hopeful, yet pre-scientific cosmology with a science-based cosmology. 

For many people, the science-based grand narrative evokes awe and wonder about the past which inspires hope, optimism, and limitless potential for the future.

Sadly, however, others hear of a grand narrative that instills a sense of fear, doom, and depression. They are taught that the second law of thermodynamics means everything is falling apart, that evolution is about the struggle for limited resources, and that human greed is accelerating our decline into disorder and chaos. Worst of all, this narrative suggests that humans are a cancer on the Earth, devouring the body of life.

Bigger Perspective

Yet few realize that science is far from settled. Fewer still realize that there are different perspectives on this scientific grand narrative, some of which are more evidence-based, more informative, and vastly more inspiring.

“There are two ways to tell the story of the twentieth century. You can describe a series of wars, revolutions, crises, epidemics, financial calamities. Or you can point to the gentle but inexorable rise in the quality of life of almost everybody on the planet: the swelling of income, the conquest of disease, the disappearance of parasites, the retreat of want, the increasing persistence of peace, the lengthening of life, the advances in technology.”

― Matt Ridley, The Evolution of Everything: How New Ideas Emerge

Just as there are multiple ways to tell the story of the twentieth century, there are multiple ways to tell the story of our grand cosmic adventure.

Today, the story of the universe is told from one of two perspectives. One perspective focuses on dissipation, the struggle for limited resources, and human greed. The other perspective also looks at how energy flow drives the creation of matter and information, how gene flow and recombination create extravagant genetic diversity, and how human knowledge grows, enabling humans to create endless new resources that benefit humanity and the biosphere that supports us.

The cosmological revolution continues. 

Guiding Every Successful Person is an Empowering Cosmic Narrative

Many people may have never considered the role that a cosmic narrative plays in their happiness, freedom, and ability to create a flourishing future.

Some cosmic narratives lead people to despair, while others lead to optimism. Does your cosmology destine you to despair and victimhood? Or does your cosmology empower you with possibility, insight, optimism, joy, and creativity? 

Your narrative about the past tells you what is possible for your future. 

Throughout history, certain empowering cosmic stories have enlightened, inspired, and enriched the most successful, creative, and philanthropic people to ever walk the Earth.  Informed by inspiring grand narratives, millions of people have created better lives for themselves and others.

Evolution’s Arc

This website introduces a new name for today’s most predictive, inspiring, and useful grand narrative. It is called “Evolution’s Arc” in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King who famously said, “The moral arc of the universe is long and bends toward justice.” 

Evolution’s Arc is the cosmic narrative describing how the universe bends toward ever-increasing freedom, order, complexity, consciousness, knowledge, compassion, and even love. 

This website introduces you to Evolution’s Arc and the principles, patterns, and powers driving our 13.8 billion-year journey from the Big Bang to the emergence of galaxies, stars, and Earth to the emergence of life and its glorious diversity, to the emergence, development, and flourishing of human culture.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
~ Abraham Lincoln

The purpose of this website is to offer an inspiring cosmic narrative that will help you create your most magnificent life.

Ask yourself: “What narrative of the past is most informative, most predictive, and most inspiring?”

With more predictive and inspiring information, you are better prepared to join the world’s most successful people to create a flourishing future for yourself, your loved ones, and the environment that supports us.

Welcome to the adventure!