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To teach the story of the universe in ways that liberate people’s creative potential. 

Current projects include promoting the idea of “Evolution’s Arc: The Cosmology of Creators” through a book and website.  Another is promoting freedom in Boulder through blog posts at To liberate myself and others with better information.


Evolution Teacher 2004-Present 

Created curriculum and taught Exploring Evolution for the University of Colorado’s Science Discovery. Taught “Epic of Evolution” and “Evolution” workshops informally to civic and church groups. Create and curate Evolution’s Arc Web site, Epic of Evolution web site.  Created Tree of Life Poster, Evolution Beads activity and Tinkering with DNA activity.

Mom 1996-Present
Raised healthy, happy, inquisitive, friendly, and brilliant son who works at NASA on Super Computers. He studied Computer Science and Math in college. Cub scouts den mom, school volunteer, soccer mom, life-coach, et al.

HeartDance Facilitator 2003-2004 

Choreographed and taught dance fitness class that integrates yoga, strength training, grace, Chi Gong, mindfulness, and Nia while creating a warm community of friends.

Web Designer, Independent 2002-2010 

Collaborated with diverse people and schools, churches, and businesses to design and implement websites using HTML, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop, Flash, FileMaker, Dreamweaver, etc. 

Multimedia Producer and Web Designer, MSU 1994-2001 

Michigan State University’s Department of Environmental Engineering and Communication Technology Laboratory. Collaborated with teams of scientists, programmers, artists, and teachers to create projects in educational environmental sciences, including the Microbe Zoo, one of the first educational sites on the web. Created information architecture, designed playful and informative interfaces, wrote content, and graphics, narrated, and programmed CD- ROM and various websites. 

Microbiology Researcher, Michigan State University 1989 -1994 

Research on Microbial Evolution Lab. Observed horizontal gene transfer in the evolution of bacteria; discovered evolutionary relatedness (phylogenies) of diverse 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetate degrading bacteria collected from around the world. 

Biology Instructor, Michigan State University 1990 -1993 

Taught classes in general biology, microbiology, and microbial ecology.

Lab Instructor, University of Colorado 1988-1989 

Prepared media and cultures for microbiology class. Co-taught lab class integrating science with art.

Researcher, University of Colorado 1987-1989

Discovered the growth-stimulating effect of mycorhizal fungi on tomatoes from the Galapagos.

Hostess 1986
El Manon Hostess Club, Tokyo, Japan. Entertained clients with friendly conversation while insuring their beverage glass was full and cigarettes were lit.

Lab Manager 1985
Managed the lecture and travel schedule of Dr. Lynn Margulis – Boston University.

Intern, Oceanus Magazine Summer 1983

Interviewed scientists for articles, wrote book reviews, and edited articles for the flagship publication of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, summer, 1983. 

Intern, United State Senate Summer 1981 

Worked on initiative to save whales for the National Ocean Policy Study; Attended Senate meetings and wrote briefs for Senators about meetings regarding Science and Technology.

Ranch Hand Summers 1979, 1980 

Worked many jobs at Humphries Ranch in the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado. Served food, cleaned cabins, built fences, milked cow, fed pigs, saddled horses, designed flowere arrangements. 


Ph.D. 1995 

Evolutionary Microbiology, Minor in Educational Psychology. Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. 


Europe (1978-79); India, Thailand, Burma, Pakistan, China, Tibet, Nepal, Hong Kong, Japan (1985-1986); Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador (1989); Costa Rica (2012); 

B.S. 1985 Journalism with a minor in science.

Boston University, Boston, MA. Studied evolutionary biology with Dr. Lynn Margulis.


Happily married to Randy Russell, developer of computer simulations and games to teach scientific concepts.  

Delighted Mother to Sean.

Languages: Some Spanish and German, tiny bit of Japanese

Gardening, Music, Conversation, Dancing, Photography, Biking, Hiking, Skiing, Writing, Reading, Toastmasters






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