Comparing Cosmologies

1500 BC
500 BC
Modern Synthesis
Evolution’s Arc

Beginning of UniverseNo beginning and no endIn the Beginning?Big BangGreat Radiance
Creative PowerBrahmaGodNatural Selection,       Random MutationsEntropy, Natural SelectionEnergy Flow, Information, and Values Pursuit
Primary LiteratureVedas, 1500 BCGenesis, 2500 BCDarwin, 1859Darwin, 1859; Einstein 1905; Huxley, 1942 ; Chaisson ; Watson and Crick 1953 Darwin, 1859; Einstein 1905; McClintock, 1944; Watson and Crick 1953; Penzias and Wilson, 1964; Sagan (Margulis), 1967; Shapiro, 1992; ; Ridley 2010, 2015, 2020; Doyle, 2012; Annila 2020; 
Story SummaryCreated by Brahma,Created By God
Decay, Struggle, GreedFlow, Recombination, Desire     Flow of Energy, Recombination of Information; Pursuit of Happiness
Beginning DateEternal4004 BC~500 MYA13.8 BYA13.8 BYA
Variation ShivaGod’s wIllGemules Random mutations due to copy errors and damage to genes, recombinationRecombination (jumping genes, transposons, plamids, mobile DNA, dynamic genome, endosymbiosis, hybridization)
change in gene expression, Random mutations due to copy errors and damage.
Information flow
God’s WillVertical inheritanceVertical InheritanceVertical, Horizontal, Human-created
God’s WrathNatural, Artificial, SexualNatural, Artificial, Sexual, DriftNatural, Artificial, Sexual, Drift, Group, Values
Inherent Evil without God’s GraceStruggleSelfishValues Pursuit; Mutual Self-Interest;
God’s grace, favorReasonControl by governing EliteCelebrating Evo Arc, Curiosity, Compassion, Creativity, Freedom
Confidence (faith) from
GodReasonReasonEvidence + Reason + Values
Priests Control StateMonarchs StateDemocratic Socialism; Central Control by IntellectualsDemocratic Republics – Synergy of Enlightened Self Interests

CommandCommand, State-Empowered CapitalismInnovism; Informed Free Market
Human relationship to Environment
Humans to DominateHarmonizeHumans are a planetary cancer that needs to be controlledHumans protectors of planet Earth 
Social Hierarchy
God > Angels > Saints > Men > WomenStruggle for SurvivalResult of capital accumulationMeritocracy Hardwired (Peterson, 2019)
Racial Heirarchy
Sanctioned by GodNatural OrderRacism is hardwired by tribal instinctRacism is learned
Sanctioned by GodReviled by some/Natural Order by OthersReviled by mostReviled by all: Slavery is learned and unlearned
Gender Issues
Men better than womenEvolved HierarchyMen and women equal valueLGBQTS Equal Value, different attributes
Free Will
Yes.  A Gift of God?No: lives dictated by genes and systems.  We are “biochemical puppets” Sam Harris, Free Will Yes.  Random indeterminacy + thermodynamics 
God grants good health; Satan causes illness.
Microbes and viruses sicken and kill us. Antibiotics and vaccines necessary to save us. Proper nutrition, exercise, and hygiene strengthen immune systems; prevent viral and microbial disease and death. Antibiotics and vaccines help strong bodies. 
Faith in Bible and  PriestsFaith in ExpertsFaith in Scientists and ExpertsConfidence in Evidence
Meaning of Life
Obey God for Eternal Heaven
Cultural constructed;  subjective,To flourish, to share information, to pursue values, to evolve
Control Fake NewsFree Flow of Better Information
Image of God; followers are valuable
Based on race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, affiliations.  Class members struggle for domination.Content of character. Each person is unique, victorious and precious expression of 14 billion years of Cosmic Creativity.  Each with opportunity to contribute to others.
Morality “right” (good) versus “wrong” (evil))
God is Good           Satan is Evil
Subjective; cultural constructsObjectively Subjective: Morality balances self with others and now with future. Right/Good enhances life and love.  Wrong/Evil negates life and love.  Enhancements or negations objectively measured by each subject. 
What is Wrong with World?
Oppressors versus VictimsIgnorance.  If we knew better, we would have done better. 
How do we fix World?
Reconciliation and Redemption
Revolution of oppressed over the oppressors. Wisdom & Creativity.          Knowing better, we do better. Innovation makes bigger pies. 
What Happens when I die?
Eternal life
NothingYour genes and memes lives on in those that are helped by useful information.
Ideal Governance
Priestly classElitesCentralized elites who decide on wealth distribution. Centralized planning. Progressive Liberal Conservatism that maximizes the happiness of individuals. Decentralized planning. 
Written in BibleNature Red in Tooth and ClawSocial Construct, RelativeBalance needs of self with needs for others, for present and for future. 
Cause of Social Inequality
God’s favor or punishmentNature’s PlanSystemic oppression due to historical class struggleIgnorance, defeating beliefs
Race Disparity
“no Jew nor gentile, man or woman” Content of characterRacial DivisionHistorical circumstance, class struggle, institutional racism, white privelegeIgnorance. Historical circumstance, class struggle, systemic lack of quality education from systemically bad schools and ill-informed peers.
Environmental Degradation
SinOverpopulation, Greed.Overpopulation, Greed.Ignorance. 
Environmental Improvement
Coming of the MessiahPlant gardens & cultivate fieldsRegulate polluters. Tax the greedy.Learning, Innovation, Creativity